I'm Dylan Juran, an Oregon-based technical instructor. I currently work for Columbia Helicopters in Aurora, Oregon as a Technical Instructor. I also spend my time volunteering on my city's Parks Advisory Board, and with my church's youth group. In my free time I enjoy taking my dog, Growlithe, on walks with my wife, and playing video games.

Apple Certified Trainer

I'm not employed by Apple, but they recognize me as a top technician and instructor with my certification as an Apple Certified Trainer. This allows me to work with Apple Authorized Training Centers to deliver official Apple courses to technical professionals on behalf of Apple. I've worked with Crywolf Computers and Chemeketa Community College to deliver courses all over the country.

Training Consultant

I've worked with businesses to help develop and deliver training for their market for over 6 years. I've developed end-user and technical curriculum for Windows and Mac users. I've also helped set up and manage computer-based learning management systems.

Public Speaking

Working with Satellite Gaming, I've given public seminars on working with your children and their interest in video games. Many parents today find themselves unsure of how to know when a video game is appropriate for their kids, and what kinds of things they sure be watching for. I'm a strong proponent of video games, but it's best for parents to be informed about their kids' choice in hobby.