Thanks for your interest in contacting me! I communicate with people in a lot of different ways, so below are all the different ways to contact me on those different channels and how I prefer to use them. I'll do my best to contact all legit messages, I've included a list of things I'll most likley ignore, so please read that first.

Email - [email protected]

This is the best way to reach out to me directly and I can usually respond fairly quickly. The "+website" in there makes it easy for me to know that you're coming from my website and allows me to sort accordingly.

Twitter: DylJur

This is my main social media tool. I post about what I'm doing from time to time, but I also tweet about the things I'm interested in, so be prepared to see a lot about video games on there.

Linkedin: dylanjuran

My professional history is pretty well covered here. I'll accept connections from people I've worked with, spoken to, or otherwise interacted with to consider a "professional connection". I won't respond to people I don't know.

I'll do my best to respond to:

General queries about my involvement in the Keizer community, Satellite Youth, or Apple general topics. I'll also take questions about Public Speaking. I'll give a response, even if I can't accept an invite.

I probably won't respond to:

If you want techincal advice, I might respond, but I might just hook you up with a consultant to get your problem fixed.

If your email doesn't look like it wants/needs a response, or it's not clear exactly what the purpose is, I might just read it without further action.